Primary Care

General Practice located in Linton and Congress, Delray Beach, FL

Primary Care services offered in Linton and Congress, Delray Beach, FL

Primary care is much more than the basics at The Revolutionary Care Clinic. The experienced specialists offer annual checkups, comprehensive preventive care, chronic care management, pain management, and more in their Delray Beach, Florida, office and through telehealth and in-home visits. You get easy access to prescriptions, health screenings, and referrals and always receive the most personalized care. Schedule an appointment by calling or using the online tool today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is medical care from a single central source. Your primary care specialist manages the majority of your medical needs, so they’re the first one to call when you have an issue, question, or any other medical concern.

What does primary care include?

Primary care spans the full range of general medicine. At The Revolutionary Care Clinic, the experienced specialists are particularly mindful of patient convenience, so they serve as a central hub for virtually all medical care. This includes:


Checkups include physical exams, a medical history review, and help to manage any new or ongoing medical issues. Preventive care is important in avoiding diseases like diabetes and conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so checkups include health screenings to detect those conditions early as well as recommendations to avoid them. 

Chronic care management

Chronic care management includes customized care for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, dementia, and other ongoing medical conditions. If you’re a Medicare patient and have two or more chronic conditions, you may qualify for frequent chronic condition checkups.

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring allows your provider to evaluate your health from afar. It includes the use of devices like blood pressure cuffs, special scales, and blood glucose monitors that automatically transmit information to The Revolutionary Care Clinic. If a notable change occurs, your specialist can then check in with you and arrange the appropriate care. 

Illness and injury care

The Revolutionary Care Clinic offers on-demand care for all types of illnesses and injuries. You can call the office and quickly arrange to see a specialist, so there’s no need to waste time at the emergency room or a separate urgent care clinic.

If the experienced specialists can’t treat an issue, they promptly refer you to a skilled local specialist and work closely with that doctor to ensure excellent care. 

How can I see a primary care specialist?

The Revolutionary Care Clinic understands that its patients have active and busy lives, so the team takes a unique approach by greatly expanding access to medical care. You can schedule primary care visits in the Delray Beach office, schedule a telehealth visit online (via phone, tablet, or computer), or even request a house visit. 

Call The Revolutionary Care Clinic or schedule your primary care appointment using the online tool today.