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Lab Testing services offered in Linton and Congress, Delray Beach, FL

Lab testing at The Revolutionary Care Clinic gives you rapid test results when you’re sick, need health screenings, or have medical issues. The highly skilled specialists offer COVID-19, flu, RSV, A1C, and glucose testing and also provide a variety of other basic and advanced tests in their Delray Beach, Florida, office. If you need lab testing on demand, call the office or schedule an appointment using the online tool today.

Lab Testing Q & A

What is lab testing?

Lab testing involves analyzing samples of blood, urine, saliva, or nasal fluid. At The Revolutionary Care Clinic, the experienced medical care specialists offer lab testing in their Delray Beach, Florida, office. 

When is lab testing needed?

You might need lab testing for many reasons, including:

Illness testing

Illness testing includes checking for contagious diseases. If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness, feel unwell, or were exposed to an ill person, you might need illness testing for the flu (influenza A and B), COVID-19, or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). 

Wellness testing

All adults need annual physicals focusing on general health and wellness. These exams are an excellent time for health screenings, in which your provider checks for early signs of preventable diseases and conditions. Blood glucose and cholesterol tests are common examples of these types of screenings. 

Pharmacogenetic testing

Pharmacogenetic testing screens your DNA. This type of testing can screen for the genetic markers of cancer, immunodeficiency disorders, and other diseases. Additionally, pharmacogenetic testing can identify the medications best for your body chemistry.

Chronic care management 

Medicare’s chronic care management (CCM) program helps patients over 65 manage multiple chronic conditions. Lab testing, such as blood glucose monitoring, is an important part of CCM so you may need regular testing to better monitor your condition. 

Remote patient monitoring

The remote patient monitoring (RPM) program helps you keep track of your health at home. You use a device, such as a blood glucose tester to check your blood sugar regularly. The device sends health information to your provider. 

Many people are enrolled in both CCM and RPM, which means you might need to come into the office for some lab testing, but much of your health monitoring can happen at home. 

How long until I get lab testing results?

The Revolutionary Care Clinic offers point-of-care testing, which means they perform the blood draw and other collection services on-site. They test some samples in the office, for example, COVID-19, flu, and RSV samples, so you can get the fastest results. 

***We work with Cleveland Health Labs & Quest Labs.

If you need lab testing, The Revolutionary Care Clinic has it covered. Call the office or schedule your appointment using the online tool today.