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Screenings help you monitor your health, detect disease, and even find the right medication. At The Revolutionary Care Clinic in Delray Beach, Florida, the dedicated providers take a unique approach to medicine, always embracing the newest technology and most effective health screening techniques to help you be your best. Call the office or use the online tool to schedule an in-office, telemedicine, or home visit today.

Health Screenings Q & A

What are health screenings?

Health screenings are tests to evaluate your health and wellness. These types of tests are often a standard part of wellness exams, and you may also need health screenings as part of your chronic care management program or if you experience new symptoms. 

What health screenings are available?

Some of the specific health screenings that The Revolutionary Care Clinic offers include: 

Cholesterol screening

Cholesterol screening is a blood test that checks the levels of high-density lipoproteins (LDL), high-density lipoproteins (HDL), and lipids. 

These measurements are important because high cholesterol (too much LDL and too little HDL) can lead to artery hardening, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. 

Blood glucose

Blood glucose, or blood sugar, testing checks for diabetes. The practice offers several types of blood glucose tests, and you have at least a couple of tests before receiving a diabetes diagnosis. 

Untreated, diabetes leads to nerve and vascular damage and can ultimately cause complications like vision loss, limb loss, and even death. 

Genetic testing

Genetic testing analyzes your specific DNA. Some of the most common uses of genetic testing include cancer screening to look for genetic markers of various types of cancer and immune system diseases. 

Genetic testing also has other uses, such as pharmacogenetics. Through pharmacogenetic testing, your medical care providers can determine what type of medication is most effective for you and what dose works best. Pharmacogenetics can help you avoid the trial-and- error method, allowing for a faster recovery. 

What do health screenings involve?

Health screenings take several forms, including blood draws, urine testing, nasal swabs, and saliva testing to check on many facets of your health and wellness. While many clinics require patients to visit an external lab for health screenings, The Revolutionary Care Clinic specialists perform all health screenings themselves. 

How often should I schedule health screenings?

The Revolutionary Care Clinic recommends specific health screenings based on your medical needs, age, and risk factors. Most patients have routine health screenings once a year, during their annual exam. 

But, you can have health screenings anytime. For example, if you start a new treatment plan, you might need pharmacogenetic screening to make sure you get the ideal medication. 

Call The Revolutionary Care Clinic or schedule an appointment online to arrange your health screenings today.